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The Australian Aviation Museum is the perfect day trip for any aviation enthusiast. The museum features an aviation research library that is supported by the Commonwealth Government, which offers individuals and groups access to a wide range of aviation historical records.

If you are researching aviation in general or within your family history, here you can access historic photographs, documents, memorabilia, artefacts, books and magazines. Exploring their large collection could help you find the specific answers you require, or simply extend your general knowledge and interest in aviation history.

Sydney has a strong aviation history, as the first city in to be established in Australia, and has various airport locations that serve for international and domestic routes. Sydney aviation provides services for general travellers, military and government requirements. The domestic route between Sydney and Melbourne is one of the busiest in the world, as business travellers commute regularly for work. Sydney also has a history of innovation in aviation and a passionate community of aviation lovers. The Australian Aviation Museum was planned for many years, and was established as a world-class museum which showcases not only the history of aviation in Sydney and Australia, but also aviation technology and its many innovative options in the future. Address: Starkey Dr, Sydney Bankstown Airport, Bankstown, NSW, 2200.


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