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Australian Rules is a popular sport in Sydney, and is code of football that is unique to Australia has a country. Aussie Rules football is also named the AFL, after the Australian Football League. The AFL Commission runs the AFL competition and dictates the rules of the sport. They also host the main competition within the sport, which ends with the best team, winning the annual AFL Grand Final.

Aussie Rules has existed in Australia since the late 1800’s, however the exact origins cannot be confirmed and there is much debate on this subject. However, although the sport has existed since this time, only in the past two decades, has Aussie Rules received the recognition it currently has today.

Australians love football, and it is an integral part of the Australian culture and history. It is followed by all generations, both genders, and growing up playing football as a child is common practise within this country. Australians are big on sport for a number of reasons. It is a large country with expansive stretches of outdoor space, and also the weather is generally supportive of great outdoor experiences.

If you are visiting Sydney, and love football yourself, you can easily watch one of the local games for free, as you pass the playing fields on the weekends, or you can join in the crowds who are watching the elite games, and possibly meet some of the players. If you become involved with the sport, or spend enough time in Sydney or Australia, you’ll soon become part of a conversation, regarding the news, politics and personal opinions of those who are following the sport.

To learn more about the sport, view the results and rankings, and find out where and when the next game is on, follow the organisation of AFL Sydney for the latest Aussie Rules updates.



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