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Sydney which is located on the south east coast of Australia is built around Port Jackson and the Sydney Harbour. Sydney is known as the harbour city and is famous for, amongst other things, the Sydney Opera House which seems to rise up out of the harbour in spectacular glory.

All around the harbour are beaches, tucked into the various inlets and coves all framed by the iconic Sydney harbour bridge. Sydney is not the official Capital of Australia that honour goes to Canberra, but Sydney has always worked hard for the unofficial title in competition with Melbourne.

Sydney is Australia 's most populous city and really it's the big sister city to all the rest. It is fast paced and vibrant and known for its world-class events, restaurants, shopping, night-life, markets, arts, live music and sporting events. It's a city which heaves with life. Stay in Sydney for a few days, and enjoy your the great service from Sydney hotels.

If you are looking for something a little more culturally enlightened at night there are a number of performance companies in Sydney including the world class Sydney Theatre Company and Sydney Dance Company. Shoppers won't be disappointed either with a huge array of shopping experiences on offer including the contemporary, edgy and creative Oxford Street.

Sydney history stretches back some 40,000 years. The first inhabitants of the area were Aboriginal tribes, with European settlers arriving in 1788. Disease and gold fever characterised the early years of settlement, with the population exploding when gold was first discovered in the area. The population has continued to steadily rise since then and is now over four million.

Sydney accommodation is found all over. The most expensive tends to be in the Central areas and alongside the main beaches. 


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