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Aboriginal Rock Engravings

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Before English settlers arrived in Australia in 1788, the country was inhabited by indigenous Australians, who existed there for thousands of years. The country is filled with examples of Aboriginal rock engravings, which are a communication method, a form of art, and also fundamental to the culture and traditions of Australian Aborigines.

Some of the oldest surviving examples of Aboriginal rock engravings in Australia are as much as 40 000 years old. These provide a genuine insight into the history of Australia and the people who lived here.

Aboriginal Rock Engravings can be found in the Sydney area, including several locations in Kuringai National Park, and the Berowra area, on Sydney's upper north shore. These areas are best accessed by train or car, however expect to be bushwalking to reach some of the more remote locations, and you may need to join a structured tour, or take a local guide with you, to gain the full benefits of the experience.

Other locations include Terrey Hills, Bobbin Head, Woy Woy and The Hawkesbury River. More accessible locations include the eastern suburb locations of Bondi and Tamarama. If you are genuine about visiting these locations, and learning more about the history and culture of Australian Aborigines, it is best to contact a local tourist organisation for more information. Many of these sites are sacred and protected, and you will need to learn about the best ways to care for and support these ancient locations.

When you view them, you will see a range of images, including echidnas, human figures, fish, kangaroos and other animals. You will benefit if you seek to gain education about these locations. Many of the drawings and markings on the rocks have great historical meaning, and need interpretation from someone who understands Aboriginal culture, language and art. Your local council is also a great resource, and often this is the organisation that support and promote the rock carvings in their local area.


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