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For over six decades, Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race has been a major event. Every year on December 26th at 1:00pm, their is a unique sight on Sydney Harbour as large numbers of yachts depart on the dangerous trip to Hobart.The race begins with a two line simultaneous start. Around one hundred yachts contest the race, in the past there have been larger numbers. The race is managed by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.


For every race their is the Line Honours Winner as well as the Handicap Winner. In many races the first over the finish line was also the Handicap Winner.


Large crowds take any vantage point they can and also take to the water to view the flotilla on Boxing Day. Some areas to watch the start from include Nielsen Park, Christianson Park, Coogee, Vaucluse and Watsons Bay.


The fastest time in the Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race was set in 2005 by Wild Oats XI. They only took 1 day, eighteen hours, forty minutes and 10 seconds. Wayfarer, from the first Sydney To Hobart in 1945, is credited with being the slowest ever, their time was over eleven days.


In 1982 it was a sprint to the finish line. Condor of Bermuda defeated Apollo by a time of seven seconds. An extremely small margin when the race is contested over 628 nautical miles.


The simple course for the race is starting at Sydney Harbour, going through the Tasman Sea, taking on Bass Strait and then finding Storm Bay and the Derwent River.


Those that have competed in forty or more races include Tony Cable, John Bennetto, Lou Abrahams, Tony Ellis, Syd Fischer, Bill Ratcliff, Richard Hammond, Bernie Case and Bruce Gould. The majority of these yachtsmen are from New South Wales, Abrahams is a Victorian and Case is from Queensland.


The top 10 placings in the recent Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race was Wild Oats XI, Investec, Lahana , Ichi Ban , Wild Thing, Ran, Limit, Loki, Rodd & Gunn Wedgetail and Living Doll. The race winner took two days, seven hours, thirty-seven minutes and twenty seconds to cross the finish line in Hobart.


Some of the famous yachts to win the race include Wild Oats XI, Ragamuffin, New Zealand, Astor, Solo, Kurrewa IV, Margaret Rintoul and Morna.


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