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Piccadilly Shopping Centre

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Piccadilly Shopping Centre is part of the Stockland Group which is committed to eco-friendly developments and sophisticated alternatives for shopping and living. Piccadilly is located near the exclusive Sydney Hilton Hotel, and provides for international visitors as for local workers.

The major difference between Piccadilly and other nearby complexes is its attention to sustainability. While you may not notice these efforts while shopping here, you will be within a commercial building which considers the larger global picture, and strives to preserve community interests. They manage to integrate these philosophies within a luxurious shopping experience which is in tune with contemporary corporate needs. Piccadilly provides a wide range of shops and styles by combining familiar mainstream brands with more exclusive and upmarket boutiques. Whatever you are looking for, expect style, sophistication and exceptional service, as the standards of the local clientele are exceptionally high.

Piccadilly shopping centre also includes a corporate childcare centre with a progressive program, including toys and learning materials that are environmentally and socially sustainable. Most of the resources here are made from natural materials, and provide an extreme contrast to the plastic and sterile environments of most inner-city childcare centres.

Visitors can access Piccadilly from the Pitt Street Mall or Town Hall areas. Buses run along George and Castlereagh Streets and nearby train stations include Town Hall and Museum. Piccadilly is an arcade-style shopping centre, and you can easily wander through here on your way to another destination, or pop in for a quick meal or quality coffee. Address: 210 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000.

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