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For over four decades, The Sydney City2Surf has tested the running of the best in the world as well as the locals in Sydney who want to take part. Famous winners include Australian running greats Steve Moneghetti and Rob De Castella. The City To Surf starts in the middle of Sydney and its finish line is at Bondi Beach. The course is 14km in length.


The actual starting line is in Hyde Park. Next up is William Street, the tunnel at Kings Cross and New South Head Road through Rose Bay. It is the hills that make the race tough, Heartbreak Hill is the next part of the race. Old South Head Road and Military Road are next. The finish line at Bondi Beach is on Queen Elizabeth Drive.


In 1991, during his fourth win in a row, Steve Moneghetti set the fastest ever time with a result of forty minutes and three seconds. That broke Rob De Castella's time. The record for the women's race is owned by Susie Power. Her time in the 2001 City To Surf was forty-five minutes and eight seconds.


As well as Steve Moneghetti and Rob De Castella, other winners of the men's race include Lee Troop, Michael Shelley, Dickson Marwa, Laban Chege, Daniel Browne, Brad Camp, Andrew Lloyd, Hugh Jones, Bill Scott, Denis Nee, John Farrington and the winner of the first City To Surf was Ken Moore.


The women's City To Surf has been won by many famous athletes including Kerryn McCann, Anna Thompson, Elizabeth Miller, Elizabeth Wilson, Lara Tamsett, Hayley McGrego, Tani Ruckle, Lisa Martin, Nancy Ditz, Lawrie Binder, Angie Cook and the first two races were won by Beth Stanford.

Not that they need the incentive, with around 80,000 running in the event, but the runners who raise money for charity are entered into the competition to win a car.


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