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Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery

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Before English settlers arrived in Australia, as part of the First Fleet in 1788, indigenous Australians inhabited the country, and the Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery showcases the unique cultural art forms of this group of people. The exhibitions explore the traditional customs and art forms of Australian Aborigines, and also the more contemporary artistic trends.

The building that the gallery is in itself is architecturally impressive. The ground floor, large circular building is set just off the street, and features floor to ceiling windows that invite you to peer inside. At night the Australian Aboriginal Gallery attracts outside observers who are fascinated by its glowing presence, and it really stands out in a district filled with high-rise corporate buildings and stylish inner-city bars.

The Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery reminds locals and visitors that Australia has a strong indigenous history, and a culture that is in existence today. Australian Aborigines often use art to tell stories of their culture, and common subjects include the local landscape, family and daily routines.

Exploring the gallery will teach anyone more about Aboriginal beliefs and values, and their existence in Australia as it is as a country today. The Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery is located near Wynard, in the central business district of Sydney. It is easily accessible by a range or transport options, including a train to Wynyard Station, a bus along George Street, or a monorail journey.

You can also easily walk to the gallery from most areas of Sydney's city, just don't expect to park easily, unless you want to pay hefty fees for a commercial parking lot. While you are in the area, take a walk to The Rocks, to learn more about Sydney's history and here you will also find local Aboriginal art that can be purchased at souvenirs.


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